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Are you a commercial or public fleet operator who wants to simplify their business? Do you want your fleet to run stress free. We provide fleet-as-a-service so you can take a hands free approach to all your fleet needs.

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Fleet Management through Advanced Technology

We give you the ability to fully hand over your fleet duties. We make the delivery process of your business simple and electric. We can take your fleet to the future with three basic steps; vehicles, infrastructure, and EV services.


Breaking the barrier to the future, we offer your fleet the power of electric. We understand that making the switch can come with many obstacles and we are here to take the stress out of electrifying your fleet.

All Electric

Making the switch to an all electric fleet will take your business to the next level. Less maintenance, more deliveries.

Light Duty

Serving on the lighter side? We have got you covered with our light duty vehicles.

Medium Duty

Larger loads? We have vehicles that can get your goods to where they need.

For Lease

Need the vehicles to get your good to their destination but lack the funds or space to own your vehicle? Lease yours, deliver now.

For Sale

Building your fleet and need the best electric vehicles out there? We have the light and medium duty to do it all.


Tired of all the logistical nightmares of running your own fleet? We understand and want to lend a hand. Take the hands-free option of handing over your fleet services so you don’t have to think about it.

Maintenance Management

Never fear the lack of maintenance with top of the line management for your fleet.

Regulatory & Compliance

Stay compliant and run your fleet service without a hitch. We will make sure your services are up to date with all regulations.

Training Management

Lacking the knowledge and training for your fleet crew? We will transform your services and crew.

Fleet Optimization

When your fleet is running optimally you can serve your clients and make more deliveries.


Lacking the resources and machinery to make the switch to an all electric fleet? We break the barriers to entry so you can step into the future without the stress of figuring it all out on your own.


We understand that it’s challenging to obtain electric vehicles and infrastructure, we are here to provide the source.


Obtaining the best EV vehicles and machinery can be tedious and we are here to make the process simple.


EVs have fewer mechanical components, so they’re more reliable and cost less to maintain.


Let us make your fleet services run without a hitch, we can maintain the vehicles, infrastructure, and crew.


Don’t sweat the stress of keeping your vehicles and machinery in running order, we have got you covered.


Ever wonder what life would be like if you could hand your fleet duties over to someone else and trust that it would run smoothly and without error? Look no further, we are providing you with the ease of Fleet-as-a-Service. Where all your fleet needs are outsourced. This service includes,


Let us take the hassle out of your fleet services and provide, maintain, and source the vehicles.


Run your business without the stress of maintaining and managing your fleet, we can take care of it all.


Stress less, do more with our extensive network of EV infrastructure and needs.

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